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Tight Spaces

Nuts or bolts can be quickly tightened by holding the tool stationary and twisting until tight.

Then the handle can be swung a few final few clicks for maximum torque. This ensures the job is done in the quickest possible time.

Reverse to remove a nut or bolt.

Loose Nuts & Bolts

Often a nut or bolt thread is so loose an ordinary ratchet is nearly useless because it swings back & forth going nowhere.

The Dual Action ratchet will ONLY drive in the direction you want so loose threads are a PROBLEM OF THE PAST.

Both Actions

The Dual Action Ratchet will always be faster because you can twist and swing at the same time and

the combined action will simply drive even faster!

Damaged Threads

Many older nuts and bolts are often damaged being tight at one point, but loose everywhere else.

So an ordinary ratchet drives at the tight point, but not where the thread is loose.

The twist action in the Dual Action Ratchet has a 4 to 1 torque advantage so not only will it overcome loose threads,

but it will overcome all but the most awkward nuts & bolts with ease.